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The cacophony that deafens
Nov 20, 2023 20:21:50   #
What indeed is the noise ,so pervasive it keeps us from hearing rational thought. Is this blinding noise self generated or is it being fed to us ,through every channel ,and wavelength we can see ,feel or hear. We say we are free ,but it seems that even the ability ,for us to possess ,and express free thought has been eradicated..What happened to us listening to one another .Everyone is shouting from the rooftops ,calling attention to one thing or another .Fewer ,and fewer are listening. The chaotic direction this world takes is just that ,chaotic ,because there is no leadership ,no co-operation . Are there any good ideas ,yes of course ,but they get ignored ,in favor of the latest TikTok sensation .
No one of importance seems to be thinking or expressing their selves rationally ,There are so many issues that need addressing ,and attention ,yet it's just not happening .What is that noise ,and where is it coming from ,because ,we can no longer hear one another .

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