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Jewish Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro on the difference between Judiasm and Z*****m
Nov 20, 2023 19:40:07   #
ACP45 Loc: Rhode Island
Jewish Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro on the difference between Judiasm and Z*****m, and the difference between a "holy land" and a "homeland", and a whole host of other issues.

At the 22 min mark, he talks about what he feels is the key to starting peace in the middle east. "If Israel is the state of the Jewish people, that's a very big problem for everybody. If Israel is the state of the Israeli's, that's the start of the peace process."

At 22:32 the narrator asks the question if Z*****m is antithetical to orthodox Judiasm. The rabbi responds "absolutely". Judaism is a religion. The definition of a Jew is somebody who is obligated to follow the mitvas, the torah, the comandments. Z*****m says, No, that's nonesense. Rather, the Jews were always a political people, wanting to return to their land, and Israel is the state of their national identity, and Israel is the state of those people. They are enemies of each other, Judaism and Z*****m!

He raises the fundamental question of what makes a Jew a Jew. Can you be a Jew and not believe in God? Is being a Jew a matter of customs and ethnicity, or is it following the torah, the commandments?

34:15 "Israel and the Jews, decouple them. One has nothing to do with the other!"

34:50 " In order for Z*****m to exist, it has to portray Israel as the state of the Jews".

37:05 "So let me tell you a secret. Christian Z*****m existed before Jewish Z*****m". He explains in great deal the history and background of Christian Z*****m!

Nov 21, 2023 10:54:48   #
One group believes in a heaven on earth because of personal genetics thought of as special while the other one believes in acquiring heaven in the afterlife by keeping God's Law in this life.

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