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Karine Jean-Pierre Grieves on This T*********r Day of Remembrance
Nov 20, 2023 18:20:10   #
Parky60 Loc: People's Republic of Illinois
President Joe Biden made a big deal of T*********r Day of Visibility, shooting a video in the White House and posting it to social media, telling t***s people that he had their backs. Today, besides being Biden's 81st birthday, is T*********r Day of Remembrance, on which the nation grieves those t*********r lives lost to violence — mostly b****s and people of color, of course.

The 26 t*********r Americans who were k**led this year? More people are shot to death in Chicago during the weekend.

Bees take out 51 people annually. Where's their day?

Good question … are we mourning Audrey "Aiden" Hale, the Covenant School shooter?

The narrative they'd like you to believe is that these t***s people were k**led by t***sphobes — rather than by their partners or other t*********r people.

And yes, we've been assured that laws banning g****r-affirming care for minors are "t***s genocide."

The White House certainly didn't miss T*********r Day of Remembrance. They really should have sent Biden out to make a statement, and instead, he was pardoning turkeys. Where are his priorities?

Nov 21, 2023 04:30:40   #
Jlw Loc: Wisconsin

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