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Jim Jordan Sends DC Swamp Into Major Panic With Breaking Announcement
Nov 20, 2023 18:14:13   #
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The Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jordan, has indicated that the Republican party will make a decision in the early months of the upcoming year on the potential initiation of impeachment proceedings against President Biden.

At a certain juncture, the host, Maria Bartiromo, expressed concern regarding the timing of a potential impeachment. She stated that there will be an upcoming e******n in the following year, and President Trump is currently facing four indictments, in addition to the issue of dereliction of duty.

In response, Jordan cited a statement from Donald Trump, the former president who is currently facing a total of 91 criminal charges.

“He said they come after him because he’s fighting for us,” Jordan said of Trump. “That is true. That’s what the Swamp does. They’re going after President Trump because he kept his word, and he’s fighting for us.”

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