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Birthday boy Joe Biden pardons two turkeys on his birthday.
Nov 20, 2023 17:58:58   #
son of witless
A senile old goat pardons two fowls. Who will pardon the old goat and his foul son for selling out America ? Should an 81 year old be running America ?

I love the hotel room where the turkeys are staying. They need to invite H****r B***n, some crack whores, and party party party.

" President Biden kicked off the unofficial start of the holiday season on Monday by pardoning two lucky turkeys from being served on the White House Thanksgiving table this week.

The male turkeys, Liberty and his “wingman” Bell, hail from Willmar, Minn., and enjoy Honeycrisp apples, watching ice hockey and the Mall of America, according to the National Turkey Federation. "

" Liberty and Bell have been staying in a room at the swanky Willard InterContinental hotel near the White House, as is customary in the quirky tradition. Following their trip to Washington, D.C., they’ll continue to ride the gravy train back to the University of Minnesota. "

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