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Karen Kingston calls for law enforcement to CONFISCATE all c***d v*****e bioweapons before more people are harmed and k**led
May 25, 2023 12:32:49   #
eagleye13 Loc: Fl
Karen Kingston calls for law enforcement to CONFISCATE all c***d v*****e bioweapons before more people are harmed and k**led***d-v*****e-bioweapons.html

FROM 16:34 TO 43:08 - Dr. Rima Laibow Tells What She Knows And She Is Very Well Informed

May 25, 2023 12:34:14   #
eagleye13 Loc: Fl
Natural News) Researcher and intellectual property analyst Karen Kingston has established, through factual documents sourced from the FDA and v*****e manufacturers, that the c****-** “v*****es” are actually biological weapons of mass destruction that are known to maim and k**l (while offering near-zero immunity against c***d).

In a powerful interview included in today’s Brighteon Broadcast News episode (below), she calls for law enforcement to confiscate these biological weapons in the same way they might confiscate roadside bombs, radiological weapons or other weapons of mass destruction that threaten innocent people.

In addition, those who were complicit in deploying these known biological weapons against innocent people must be indicted and prosecuted for felony crimes.

Kingston presents factual proof that the c****-** “v*****es” are actually biological weapons that are known to maim, disable and k**l innocents. The fact that they are injected into children — for whom there is zero risk of c***d in the first place — is proof that the v*****e agenda is rooted in depopulation and mass murder rather than public health.

Additional documents reveal that both v*****es manufacturers and the FDA both knew that c****-** v*****es didn’t work to halt infections or t***smission.

Yet they promoted them anyway. And they lied about their efficacy and safety.

They murdered people. And they are still getting away with it.

It’s time for law enforcement to step in and start arresting the d******c t*******ts who deployed these biological weapons, Kingston urges.

Watch the full interview below, which also covers:

– Expose-News editor seriously injured in deep state assassination attempt
– 50 US senators just issued satellite phones as a security measure
– Croatian politician declares WHO to be a TERRORIST organization
– Unused border wall hardware caught on shocking drone video
– Target retailer partners with actual SATANISTS to push L***Q+ gear for children
– Medical school professor claims g****r t***sitions can start “before birth”
– They want to mutilate the newborns!
– Full interview with Karen Kingston
– She calls for all v*****e bioweapons to be SEIZED by law enforcement
– Those who deployed the bioweapons should be indicted and PROSECUTED



B***hute: B***


May 26, 2023 09:53:28   #
okie don
Real eye opener stuff Eagle.

May 27, 2023 12:20:50   #
eagleye13 Loc: Fl
okie don wrote:
Real eye opener stuff Eagle.

"Real eye opener stuff Eagle."
Too bad this info is not shared by more people.

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