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How stupid have Americans become?
May 25, 2023 12:12:49   #
Sonny Magoo Loc: Where pot pie is boiled in a kettle
In court last month:
A plaintiff was suing a doctor/ hospital in a medical malpractice case, in which a procedure was not performed properly resulting in a stroke, and very lengthy nursing home stay (10+ years).
This stay exhausted the patient's pension, savings and real estate, and the state had picked up the tab for the past few years resulting in over 750 thousand dollars of payments to the rehab facility.
The jury found that the doctor was liable, but wouldn't award monies to cover the whole tab because " the money would just be going to the state" many of you OPPers understand the dilemma our country is in by this true story.

May 25, 2023 12:46:23   #
I have one better than that! In 2020 81 million v**es were counted for Joe Biden who clearly has Alzheimer's Disease and getting worse as time goes by! No one can beat that story of crazy Americans! I'm sorry, I meant stupid Americans! Now look what he has done to destroy America!

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