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Government waste
Jun 3, 2013 19:42:16   #
zonkedout1 Loc: Wyoming
Every day some one can say something like, 'same old, same old.' because there's a government story about waste, lack of resources being used wisely. I think it was Harry S. Truman that said, 'In Washington, There are no accidents. Everything that happens is supposed to happen.' I might be paraphrasing. So, if and when you read this article. Don't view it as anecdotal. Try viewing it as symptomatic in the context of every other fraud and waste driven article. It becomes less about being governed by the elected, and more about being governed by f**grant systemic abusers of every facet of your life.

Jun 4, 2013 13:38:57   #
snowbear37 Loc: MA.
Government waste is only possible because the "government" collects taxes from citizens and wastes it. If those in the government that spend this money were spending their own money, it wouldn't happen.

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