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Understanding the Politics of America's Political Right
Nov 30, 2022 20:37:37   #
Dwight B Logan
My Mother's favorite solution to our problems. I am 87 and I still use it. "Two men looked out from prison bars, one saw mud and the other stars. Faith is positive and fear is negative.
President Biden is keeping his eyes on Twitter. He is like an animal waiting to pounce. I have written sermons and held seminars about the following,
Know your adversary. Study your enemies, learn their weakness and use it to your advantage.

When we were young our Mother resolved our problems by quoting the following.
"Two men looked out from bars, one saw mud, the other stars. Mud is negative and stars are positive. President Biden has his eyes on Twitter. He has plans to pounce on it. A better plan would be to get into their minds and find out how their minds work. By doing so, you have gone from negative to positive.
I have written sermons about this and have taught it in seminars. I have the feeling he and his peers want this to be another Trump vendetta. Or what the Clintons did to my wife and me when I wrote a letter to Emperor Hirohito's brother apologizing when President Clintons Secretary of State Warren Christopher embarrassed the Emperor.
They told me it created an international crisis and The Emperor was furious. I told them I would be back to them In a week or two. I called them I had called the Emperor and The Secretary of State and they both said it was the first
they had heard about it. When we hung up, The Emperor said to say high to my parents, and my Twin David.

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