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Understanding the Politics of America's Political Right
The Donald
Nov 16, 2022 04:32:18   #
Dwight B Logan
Last night was a great blessing. and it was so refreshing. Years ago I spent time with President Trump. Ir was when the real estate investors in New York City were upset because he was getting most of the prime real estate deals. I learned many things from him. Ir was to get to know the competition. He required little sleep. While other investors slept, he did research on their weaknesses and foibles. I copied his example and did the same thing. I moved to a new part of New Jersey and applied to work I existing commercial firms. They all told me I knew nothing about the area. I opened a firm and realized that they listed property and split the commission with the listing office to receive 60% and the selling office 49%. I split 50% each. This was the largest sized county with plenty of farms for sale. I then contacted developer friends from my former town. A few aggressive big developers moved there. Within a year most of the top salespeople switched to my office because of my 50 -50 split. Within a couple of years, I opened
a second office and paid cash for a big home on the bluff with a fantastic view. My secretary visited my home and found three books about real estate that I had written. She told others about that and a few of the brokers who had turned me down called me and asked me why I did not tell them "I was That Dwight Logan." I ended up speaking at real estate groups throughout the area.

Last night was great hearing Donald Trump say, "Doing things FOR THE PEOPLE and not TO THE PEOPLE we have heard for the last two years.

Nov 16, 2022 05:09:00   #
Dwight B Logan
Years ago there was a song called "Back in the saddle again." With Republicans taking over The House, and the
optimistic President Trump speech, America will be back to progress, and out of regression.

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