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Understanding the Politics of America's Political Right
The Wisconsin Loophole
Oct 8, 2022 19:32:27   #
I wonder where else the socialist dems will try to work this in come election day? Going into the midterms, a person can still register, get a ballot and vote before his or her identity or address can be verified with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, as required by law. Residents can drop mail-in ballots in a ballot box.
The identity and address information of more than 48,000 same-day registrants didn't match the information in the Wisconsin Department of Transportation database in 2020, the Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau reports.
Wonder what Shecup Pelosi has planned for the midterm elections? MAGA insurgents attacking the White House? Disregarding any prior information about the possibility of trouble and not having the National Guard at the ready? Why is the border wide open with "migrants" from 118 countries being smuggled into cities throughout the U.S.? Will they use their court summonses as proof of identity like they did for the airlines? Oh yeah, let's not forget, "Trump did it!"

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