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While NAACP continues "Steppin' and Fetchin' for Democrat Party, Sen Scott responds with dignity.
Nov 7, 2014 09:44:51   #
Super Dave Loc: Realville, USA

Once again, the NAALCP show it's true colors, and it's the colors the Democrat Party tells them to show.

This is the same group that gave Robert 'Sheets' Byrd an 'A'.

Tim Scott gets an “F” grade from NAACP, his response is LEGENDARY
Joshua Riddle

I think it’s pretty clear liberals are terrified of Tim Scott. He is an intelligent, God fearing, honest politician.

In the words of Allen West, “There is nothing on this green earth that a liberal progressive fears more than a black American who wants a better life and a smaller government.”

The NAACP gave Tim Scott an “F”. Pretty strange how someone who just made history in two different ways and dominated his election (61 percent to 37 percent) can get an F, but whatevs.

Tim Scott is the first African-American senator to be elected from the South since reconstruction. Scott is also the first black senator to be elected in both the House and the Senate. Sounds like someone to be celebrated, not demonized, called an Uncle Tom, and given a failing grade by the NAACP.

Tim Scott’s response speaks volumes. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.

From PJ Media:

The first African-American senator to be elected from the South since reconstruction made dual history Tuesday as Tim Scott (R-S.C.) won the seat to which he was appointed after Jim DeMint’s retirement.

Scott is also the first black senator to be elected in both the House and the Senate.

“South Carolina voters vote their values and their issues and not my complexion. This is a great sign for what’s happening throughout the south. But certainly, a fantastic sign for the evolution that has occurred in South Carolina,” Scott told MSNBC this morning.


Scott, who has long promoted his “opportunity agenda,” said one of his focuses now will be school choice.

“I’m very interested in creating a foundation of education for those folks in the middle-income arena as well as kids living in poverty, kids like myself who perhaps live in the wrong zip code going to underperforming schools,” he said. “I’d love to give parents the tool of choice. When parents have choice in education, I think their kids have a better chance of success. Had it not been for education, I would not be sitting here today. I think of education as the gateway to the American dream. I want to open that gate wider for kids living in poverty, wider for folks in middle income American who are sandwiched. Think about it, the folks who are taking care of their parents and their kids, they need access to a better education system that sometimes they cannot afford. Why not give more parents choice?”

“That would lead to revolution,” Scott added.

The senator responded to the “F” grade that the NAACP gave him on its legislative scorecard.

“Well, let’s just ask ourselves if we look back over history when the Congress was controlled by the Democrats for 40 consecutive years. If we look at the result of that control what has happened in black America? We saw greater poverty. If we take the statistics from 1970s to the 21st century, what we see very clearly is that poverty’s gone from 11 percent to 15 percent. These are classic examples that the policies of the left have not worked,” Scott said.

“I will tell you that if I have an F on the NAACP’s scorecard, it’s because I believe that progress has to be made, and the government is not the answer for progress.”

Tim Scott gets an “F” grade from NAACP, his respon... (show quote)
NAACP installs new drinking fountains
NAACP installs new drinking fountains...

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Nov 7, 2014 09:45:32   #
Super Dave Loc: Realville, USA
Correction: Senator Elect Scott.

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