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Just curious as to why the progressive left demorats were working so hard to defund Law Enforcement?
Sep 22, 2022 23:20:47   #
2bltap Loc: Move to the Mainland
Tom McClintock: ‘Republicans Called For Law & Order, Democrats Called For Defunding Our Police’:

Now just before the Mid term elections Nadler and his fellow progressives are putting forth bills that supposedly support our Law Enforcement personnel as well as actually going on to the House floor to try and convince the American Citizenry that they have been for Law Enforcement all along. The American Citizenry have already realized that they are nothing but walking talking bullshite artists with their crap just like they have been treating the black community for decades!!!!! What I am hoping for is the total destruction of the progressive democrat party as it stands now! Which means that those who continue to support their Socialist, Marxist and Communist ideology will forever be deemed a national security crime, never to be allowed in the United States of America ever again. Perhaps in school one day they will be regarded as the most traitorous group of individuals that were ever allowed to gain any type of power again!

Sep 23, 2022 00:21:40   #
Marty 2020 Loc: Banana Republic of Kalifornia
I had dinner with some friend’s parents tonight. They live in Ireland. They said that the stupidest thing Americans have ever done is to try to defund the police.

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