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Moronic WH Press Secretary Word Salad: Biden’s EO Asking Medicaid to Pay for Out-of-State Abortions Does Not Violate Hyde Amendment
Aug 4, 2022 16:51:37   #
Parky60 Loc: People's Republic of Illinois
White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Wednesday that President Joe Biden’s executive order will not violate the Hyde Amendment even though it directs Medicaid to pay for out-of-state abortions for women who live in states that ban abortion.

The Hyde Amendment, which was passed in 1976, bans the use of federal funding to pay for abortions through Medicaid.

When asked how the Biden administration will be able to pay to help women cross state lines given the restrictions from the Hyde Amendment, the press secretary said, “So, that is something that HHS will come up with the details on that and —

“Have they — but you’re about to sign an EO. Have they not figured that out?” ABC News White House Correspondent Cecilia Vega asked.

“Well, we’re going to leave it to HHS to come up with the details on the specifics on how they’re going to work with states — if a state asks for a waiver — and what that’s going to look like. So, this is going to be in their purview,” Jean-Pierre said.

“They’re going to come up with the specifics — again, with the details on how this is going to work, but again, this is what the president is doing to — he’s looking at everything that’s available to him on the table — whatever is legally possible, what he can use, his executive authority — to move forward on, and that’s what he’s doing,” she added.

However, when asked later whether the executive order will violate the Hyde Amendment, the press secretary said, “This EO does not — will not — will not violate the Hyde Amendment. It is law, and we follow the law here.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

“Back to the executive order first from a much different perspective here. Pro-life Americans don’t want their tax dollars paying for abortions. They believe life begins at conception. The Catholic Church teaches life must be protected from conception forward, but this executive order would have Medicaid pay for travel expenses for women to get an abortion. So, my question respectfully please: Why does the president want to force pro-life Americans, including Catholics, which he is one, to subsidize abortions” a reporter asked.

“So, I’ll say this. So federal law makes clear doctors must provide emergency medical care, including abortion services to stabilize women facing a life-threatening conditions (WOMEN FACE LIFE THREATENING SITUATIONS LESS THAN ONE PERCENT OF THE TIME WHEN THEY'RE HAVING AN ABORTION -- THAT IS UNLESS YOU CONSIDER THE LIFE OF THE CHILD, THAT'S ALMOST 100 PERCENT). We are working to ensure that pregnant women whose life and lives are in serious jeopardy receive the care that they need. This is what it is. This is what we’re trying to do,” the press secretary said.

“This is what the president has promised that he would do, but under that same federal law, there are exceptions for moral, to your point, Owen, or religious objections to provide particular medical services, so nothing in today’s EO impacts those exceptions, so there are exceptions there,” she added.

“Catholic bishops say the administration is trying to force doctors and nurses to perform procedures that go against their religious beliefs, including gender transitioning surgery and abortion. Does the president believe in conscience rights or religious freedom for health care professionals?” the reporter asked.

“So, I thought that’s what you were asking me in your first question. It’s basically the same as I just laid out, which is, like, federal law makes clear — right? — that doctors must provide women emergency medical care, including abortion services, to stabilize facing health and life-threatening conditions,” Jean-Pierre said.

“I — as I just stated, under the same law, there are exceptions for moral or religious objections — to the question that you’re asking me — to provide particular medical services, and nothing in the EO impacts those exceptions, so there are exceptions there, and I thought that was the first question that you were asking,” she said.

“Okay. So let me just clear up — just one final time again. So, on the Medi- — going back of the first question: On the Medicaid — on the proposal to have Medicaid fund travel expenses for women seeking abortion, how would that not violate Hyde if it’s using taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions?” the reporter asked.

“This EO does not — will not — will not violate the Hyde Amendment. It is law, and we follow the law here,” Jean-Pierre said.

Aug 4, 2022 21:37:34   #
Marty 2020 Loc: Banana Republic of Kalifornia
I’m sure they misspelled lie.
They wrote law, but meant lie.
Remember, they follow the lie here!

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