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White House supports China
Aug 3, 2022 10:20:08   #
AmericanEagle Loc: Indiana
Well now the White House has come out and said it and totally reversing the position held by the United States that we support Taiwan’s independence from China.

Once again feckless Joe showing weakness throughout the world and watch for China to move in because the United States with feckless Joe will totally screw things up.
If China takes Taiwan they will be crowned a super power because they will have control of all of the chips.
Meanwhile Congress can’t get their act together which is why Intel stopped plans for two plants in Ohio.

Do we really believe that Biden wants us to manufacture chips anyway to power cars that go against his green new deal agenda? They want us to feel the pain and get used to it while the United States saves the planet in there demented minds.

Meanwhile things will continue to erode and they’re already trying to phase out natural gas in certain parts of California. If you try to build a new home they will deny a permit for natural gas. However to get Joe Manchins vote they approve a pipeline in his state that will no doubt be a pipeline to nowhere or empty pipeline.
Now all the pressure falls on Kyrsten Sinema and I’m guessing is she may get part of a wall built down by her but then they will just come through the other border states.

The Democrats have an abysmal record to run on in nothing they can tell that has helped America. Unfortunately the Supreme Court took up a hot button issue that would just add fuel for the Democrats and a distraction from the pain Americans feel every day because of democratic policies. Of course they will throw in the race card as always to fuel that along with gay/trans issues and attack on religion.

What should be a slam dunk for Republicans could now be problematic. The Democrats will whip up the low information voters to make them forget about how miserable their lives are now to keep voting Dumbocrat! Republicans could very well snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. If that happens it’s going to about the game over. If we can’t at least take back control of the house and the senate just slow down feckless Joe orchestrated by Obama/Soros/Jarret, we are Headed to the bottom of the ocean with an anchor around the neck of America.

People better wake up and realize what we stand to lose. We are at the tipping point when historically all great nations failed and Lord knows there’s enough crap going on now for that to happen. The silent majority better wake up and this woke bullshit has got to get squashed now💪🏻🤬🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Aug 3, 2022 10:33:36   #
The piglousy Taiwan visit was demonrat political theater another distraction stunt to try and save their political asses in November.

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