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Drew Hernandez exposes Biden's plans at the border:
Jun 22, 2022 19:30:48   #
2bltap Loc: Move to the Mainland
Other than braking the law, this administration is bringing in single war fighting aged males for the most part. What I have been thinking for quite some time is that, its not only for trying to bring in future democrat voters. In my mind this whole thing from the progressive democrats is to bring a loyal army of war fighters that happen to agree with the progressive left. The purpose you might ask? To me it is in our face simple. This administration thinks that by allowing all of these fighting age males is to use them as their own anti Constitutional military to possibly fight back against the Law Abiding, United States loving, Constitutional loving and followers of our founding. If you all think about, the many supposed consperious theories pertaining to this administration have come to fruition as time passed now hasnt it!

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