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Faith, Religion, Spirituality
Convicting The Unsuspecting
Apr 26, 2022 09:00:19   #
iFrank Loc: San Antonio
Why do people think political / personal conviction on another who hasn’t gotten enough clues or eyes to see, and ears to hear, I say take them on the mental trip through primrose lane without rose colored glasses. Why do you use kids gloves on adults when halfway through the enlightening discussion the knowledgable person will leave that person who’s mental elevator doesn’t make to his top floor, without the additional facts to enlighten them onto angles of truth into their thinking. People think I’m being mean when I follow through in ringing their mental bell so they can see the truth especially on the subject of the Bible among other subjects. We should try a couple of times, then leave them alone so they can reflect on the words that are in logic and truth. In my opinion we should go the extreme of truth, even to the point that those words might sting the mind and point out the foolishness of their ways.

Signals are all around us and we should utilize them to point out facts and truths, an example on this is to look at the moon at dusk to dawn and mostly you can tell where the sun is, I have noticed that the sun doesn’t rise due east but east by northeast ( Northeast by east )and sets in the west by northwest (Northwest by west ). Or the tilt of the earth to allow for the seasons to happen. I know that these examples are beyond the average mind but It’s enough to make an inquiring mind seek further information on the subject, and maybe ask themselves what other realities are they missing. I think we / you should be going the extra mile on what is needed to reach them and many will realize truth while others will overlook facts and common sense and continue in their blissful ways. Am I wrong on my outlook?

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