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New Member
May 25, 2013 21:42:36   #
inliberty Loc: Pacific North West
Hello all, well I became an IRS protester in 1977, started supporting Ron Paul in 1982 and join the Libertarian Party in 1988.

I feel that Ronald Reagan would have been a better president if he would have undone all of the damaged caused by Jimmy Carter and the Tri Lateral Commission. A lot of farmers lost their family farms to big corporations due to the actions of Jimmy Carter. Ronald Reagan just stood by and watched.

I believe Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama are all constitutional t*****rs. As well as the Democrat and Republican Parties.

Although I am now a member of the Republican Liberty Caucus I find myself not having any trust in any party.

I was also a State Delegate for Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 but as of now I do not find myself supporting Rand Paul. In 2016 I will campaign for Judge Andrew P Napolitano if he decides to run.

I am a grandfather of 9, home school 3 and live in the Pacific Northwest, Retired from Pulp and Paper, Distributed Control & Paper Quality Systems.

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Introduce Yourself
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