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Faith, Religion, Spirituality
Seek first the kingdom of God...the kingdom of God is within you
Feb 12, 2022 15:22:25   #
In the process of saintliness, God deals with each of us sinners as a unique (being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else, singular in nature, incomparable) soul, displaying his vast creative diversity, and for his precise ends for each of us. (None of us, not one, is completely alike.) Thus, there are no progress notes to keep. Such a thing as "self-control" is not suppressing our nature or overcoming temptation, it is only and simply to maintain conscious contact with God, fully relying on Spirit and Grace to direct our thinking and actions despite all the worldly distractions and demands of the soul.

Self-denial has nothing whatsoever to do with imposing regulations for temperance. It is not doing without or seeing moderation in all things. Moderation in all things can be as much vanity as there is in gluttony. Self-denial is a state of mind, by grace, free of possessions of any sort, as much from material things as our own thoughts and way. In this, the kingdom God within each of us is freed.

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