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Faith, Religion, Spirituality
A Christian at heart possesses nothing--and that allows the perfect love of God to freely flow
Feb 12, 2022 14:26:43   #
In spirit, we possess nothing. Nothing of real and lasting value. And I am not just speaking of material things.

When we are at-one with God, we have no scruples; those are a worldly distortion of Truth. We are to thoroughly rely on Spirit and Grace for guidance and action, and "lean not on our own understanding."

We do not possess virtue; the only virtue is to wholly surrender to God, and that is by Grace alone. We dot possess power, for any power we may have is a gift from God; real power is humility granted by Spirit and Grace. We not possess Truth, no matter our scholarly and devotional knowledge of Scripture. Truth resides only in the Spirit of God. We do not possess rights; we are mere servants for the glory of God. We do not possess love. True love is infused by Spirit.

We do not possess consciousness, for we are merely part of consciousness, in the mind of Christ before creation was made. We are all meant to be a Nexus of Love for the world by the will of the father.

All good things are gifts from God, as needed and by the grace sufficient to us.

We are not to develop or have a worldwide;
as strangers in this strange land
we see only from a heavenly.
Dying to self improves that vision.

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