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Metaphysics and the Paranormal
The Small Voice I Have
Feb 5, 2022 18:14:37   #
manning5 Loc: Richmond, VA
After I retired in 2000, I concentrated on the kinds of questions everyone poses to themselves: Who am I? What is my destiny? What is the purpose of life? Do I believe in God? What is the Universe for? And about ten other questions in the same vein.

In the course of exploring these questions, I read myself almost blind, covering some 200 important books on metaphysics, philosophy, The Bible, and Religions of all sorts. Added to this were tomes on politics, our current situation, and an attempt to remain somewhat current in the progress both of physics, and archeology.

When I made a consistent attempt to use meditation to relax my mind, and think positive thoughts, I was startlingly presented with a small wee Voice that told me in the simplest terms, I was not on the right track.

The almost beyond hearing was a voice that said "You are on the wrong track" in exactly those words. Immediately, I asked, 'Ok, what is the right path?" The reply was: "Jesus!" "Who is this, I asked?" "You know", was the reply. I was not that sure. I was not used to wee voices telling me I am not on some right track.

A few weeks later, I decided that I was going to reenter the worship of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, which as a child I was taught called the Holy Ghost. My voice said, "This is the right path" I have made my confession of sins, and I have prayed for forgiveness of them. My voice said, "You are forgiven!"

For the better part of 15 years now, I have had the guidance of that wee small voice. I believe it is from the Holy Spirit, and it has never failed me, if I only ask and listen. When I do not ask or listen, there is a penalty to play. This has been my guide for these years, and it has never led me astray.

Is this a common experience?

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