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Faith, Religion, Spirituality
"Oh Happy Days when Jesus Walked." I object! Jesus still every Christian of good faith. I just saw it this morning.
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Feb 13, 2022 18:42:21   #
Marty 2020 Loc: Banana Republic of Kalifornia
Zemirah wrote:
Receiving "something" directly from the Holy Spirit - just as receiving "anything" from the Holy Spirit must be confirmable through God's written Word, just as the Bereans (Acts 17:11) confirmed any new teaching, as not contradicting the Scriptures.

Go back to Jesus' three rebukes of Satan in Matthew 4, while He was fasting in the wilderness. Each temptation was rebuked by Jesus by quoting scripture; Three times Jesus prefaced His response by saying, "It is written."

The devil could only offer the temporal worldly treasures that will pass away, but Jesus sought God's eternal treasures that the devil could not offer... and Satan never argued with God's plumb line, His rule of measure, the written Word!

This plumb line is the standard of justice and righteousness with which God's people were to align themselves. A plumb line would expose anything that is crooked.

We are called to serve God with intellectual honesty, to use our own good judgement, but with discernment, and with God's measurement.
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