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Hi, I'm new.
May 19, 2013 23:39:09   #
I joined this site to discuss politics with other people who are interested in it and maybe learn something from people I disagree with, so I will try to stay openminded. I'm fiscally conservative and socially liberal but I v**e Democrat because the Republican party doesn't really fit with my economic and foreign policy views all that much and I can't v**e for someone who doesn't think that all Americans should be equal under the law. I know many of you probably take issue with something I posted here, but please keep it respectful. As I said, I enjoy talking to people with different views than me and I see no reason why I cant have a respectful intelligent conversation about any political issue.

May 20, 2013 09:15:14   #
Tasine Loc: Southwest US
Good morning, Halfbaked! It's always good to have new voices on any thread. I hope your stay here is enjoyable and worth your time so that you continue with us.

I'm relatively new here, after years of blogging on other sites and I've found things I like better here and things I like less here. One thing I believe to be lacking is sufficient explanation how to use this site. For instance, when you reply to a specific person, please do not click on the "reply" button because then no one will know to whom you are responding. Click on the second button, called "quote reply". It will make quite a difference. An email will be sent to you and will include a link you should follow to see a new response to YOU.

I am a conservative, liberal on nothing I can think of, but I like to understand others' views and why they have those views. For instance, being conservative, I live by and v**e by my philosophy for life: individual freedom. No politician who wants to add more laws to the tons of laws we already are burdened with will ever get my v**e, be he republican or democrat, whether he calls himself conservative or liberal. I come very close to being classed an anarchist as that is the only view that is 100% in favor of individual freedoms. I do not understand how anyone v**es for those who would without darned good cause take away any individual freedom from people, all of whom have only ONE life which I believe is THEIRS to live, not simply one to be dictated to by someone else.

That said, would you be so kind as to talk to me about your philosophy for living, and about what makes you a fiscal conservative but a social liberal? That isn't an unusual stance, but I don't grasp the thinking as it seems one must do some mental contortions to have this divided philosophy.

Again, welcome! :-)

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