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No regrets
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Sep 25, 2021 11:08:40   #
permafrost Loc: Minnesota
AmericanEagle wrote:
Once again I miss guided twist Trump bankrupted farmers. What is it oh he was trying to level the playing field and yes that caused some temporary pain but overall was going to be a much better benefit in the long run. They agreed to buy more grain and farmers Overall we’re willing to bear some short term pain to level the playing field which eventually heal them more money in the long run. He got us out of that stupid NATO agreement and this giant sucking sound of NAFTA and created the Mexico & Canadian agreement.

Yeah John finally cleaned up Biden Ville in the migrants are gone from there but they’re just released somewhere else in the United States. Yes some of them got flown back but too many are released in the United States and with the open borders that you deny they go ride around the stretched thin border patrol.

Biden is such a piece of crap he immediately threw the Texas border patrol on horseback under the bus and said they would pay for their actions. No investigation has been done but they took a picture out of context and they are obviously guilty according to Joe and your Democrats.
Why is it you want to penalize law-enforcement right away and make them pay but yet when it comes to criminals coming across the border which is what they are breaking our laws they get a free pass?
Once again I miss guided twist Trump bankrupted fa... (show quote)

Good Saturday morning eagle,,

Bankrupt farmers,,,, increase in sales... what brought those sales back to the USA, was the severe drought in South America, thank climate change for that.. nothing at all from any planning by the trump mob..

Only thing NATO did was say yes we will pay as we agreed with the Obama administration..

NAFTA.... now, other than the name change, tell me, what differenced are now in the agreement??
Keep in mind that NAFTA was the republican plan after over 10 years of closed discussion..

Via AP news...

But the USMCA doesn’t represent a revolutionary change in regional trade or assure that many Americans stand to receive financial gains. What it does, more than anything, is restore certainty to $1.4 trillion-a-year in North American commerce. And in that way, it could provide some economic benefit.

The pact is Trump’s replacement for the North American Free Trade Agreement, which took effect in 1994. NAFTA slashed tariffs and erased most trade barriers within the continent. In doing so, NAFTA unleashed a burst of trade among the United States, Canada and Mexico.

In the wake of NAFTA, American farmers, in particular, enjoyed increased access to their neighbors’ large markets. But NAFTA also encouraged U.S. manufacturers to move factories south of the border to capitalize on cheaper Mexican labor.

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