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Another example of what "Dominion" should really mean
Jul 18, 2021 17:27:30   #
BigMike Loc: yerington nv
We were told to take "dominion" in Genesis.

This word is perverted now. This is what I think it means...loving God's creatures as they become part of our personal sphere of influence. Among other things.

They tell us not to feed the bears or wolves or whatever.

Don't make skunks pets!

My ma had a pet chipmunk for a while. The ones we have here are spotted rather than striped but they're the same animal.

We have 8 cats too!

I can't tell you the times I've saved the little buggers from the jaws of death! Never once did one try to bite me after I quit trying to handle them with gloves or a towel or some crap thinking they would.

We live in the sticks. Coyotes, mountain lions...a neighbor barely a mile down the road sent me a pic of a mama bear and two cubs trying to get through the fence of the copper mine just across the street. Soon as I figure out how to get it off my phone I'll post it.

Anyway, the cats took out all the gophers within a 200 yard radius of our place. The neighbors thank us. Chipmunks like to den under the woodpiles, containers, semi trailers etc. and they aren't as tasty as gophers, I think, because the cats eat the gophers (finicky know gophers must be like filet mignon to cats) preferring to play with the chipmunks who give a spirited chase...well...

I don't like the chase! I like chipmunks and lizards, neither of which the cats eat and I take them from them.

Cottontail rabbits are dumb as shite! Chase them off, throw rocks at them and they just come back as soon as the missiles cease, nevermind you're still watching then hop back through the fence, cats watching too.

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