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Understanding the Politics of America's Political Right
Why No Indictments in Trump’s 4 Years?
Jun 27, 2021 22:39:05   #
JuristBooks Loc: North Carolina
Hillary and her alleged murders; treason in the Uranium One scandal; treason / murder over the Benghazi fiasco… and President Trump was going to drain the swamp. Right.
Granted , Mueller, Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, Obamaninski, and other alleged Treasonous co-conspirators all should have :
1) had indictments handed down
2) faced military tribunals and off to GITMO
3) had their faces seen on ‘Milk cartons’ because they mysteriously went missing
Or 4) they all suffered tragic accidents.

That’s what SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED within Trump’s 4 year term. Did Americans see Justice or 4 years of business as usual ? Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss !!!!
WHY did nothing bad happen to any of these in-American scum ? Why do we , in the states of the Union, do Nothing? Why does our MILITARY do nothing ? When civil authorities fail to uphold the law then it is incumbent on military officers to uphold the law.
If the system is ‘out of control’ , as it is now, the creators (the nation- states of the Union) of the federal government can dissolve it to make a more perfect Union. How ? Through a Convention of the aforementioned states of the Union. That is one lawful way to ‘fix’ our country.
But we hypothetically still need the military, patriots, or other groups to take on the allegedly Treasonous conspirators and their Big Tech and mass Media accomplices. There is an excellent book (40 years old) out there called “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross. Multiply the events in that book times a thousand. That is what ‘needs’ to happen and very soon.
Or, will these forensic audits of Voting ballots tip the scale and President Trumps wins this past election? That is a distinct possibility. I have no idea why more states are not facilitating forensic audits of ballots. When fraud is found I would try, convict and execute EVERYONE involved.
Any other ideas ?

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