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How trump lost his grip on reality
Jun 9, 2021 11:50:15   #
In more ways than one

Jun 9, 2021 12:10:37   #
BigMike Loc: yerington nv
Rinaldi wrote:
In more ways than one

You're on a Trump trip. Quit with the drugs. Biden is president, right?

Besides, you know not of which you speak. Trump has more power in the Republican party than ever.

Not only that, audits of the elections are spreading. Even Democrats are starting to demand them...and they should! How can self-serving shiteheads like Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi remain in power forever while doing such horrible jobs in their districts?

How do people like McConnell and McCain stay in power forever? Were they so great? All they ever do is nothing and blame it on the other guy. Who needs that crap? I know for a fact Republicans cheat too!

Republicans are winning special elections and courts are ruling against states trying to restrict the 2nd. Parents are ousting woke school boards or taking their kids out of shitty public schools, heartbeat laws are being passed and states are taking it upon themselves to defend the border. Not only that they're taking it upon themselves to do a lot of other things.

The media, whose ratings are sucky and falling, have the ability to screech loudly, puff up their tails and hiss but fewer people are paying attention because they know the media is full of shit.

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