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The Easter Bunny
Apr 4, 2021 12:33:32   #
Oldsailor65 Loc: Iowa
The Easter Bunny

Apr 4, 2021 16:09:41   #
LogicallyRight Loc: Chicago
Another "Easter Bunny story. A sad one so you've been warned. We once had a run on Easter Sunday and one of my friends showed up in a full Easter Bunny outfit. Well, after that we dubbed her Road Kill.

About ten years later she was driving down a road and hit a patch of dirt road. She lost control of her car and it rolled. The car had virtually no damage but she didn't survive the roll. She was very tiny and they figure the seat belt caught her neck and choked her. At her Memorial Service her Mother asked her ex husband what her name was with that running group and he had to tell her. An Easter toast, "Here's to Road Kill."

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