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Trump got ripped-Off in VA
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Mar 4, 2021 15:41:03   #
Kickaha Loc: Nebraska
Tiptop789 wrote:
Technicality, no, mail in ballots were voted on & signed into law by many states. These are the same machines used when many other republican candidates won. It was only trump that lost.

The problem with the machines that needs to be examined is every machine that has been checked shows violations to the voting laws. Machines are not permitted to have internet access and it was proven that at least some did. Access ports were not secured and would have allowed access to anyone. The permissible error rate for the machines is 1 in 250,000. The proven error rate was shown to be 85%, thousands of times higher than permitted. The adjudication logs for the 2020 election are missing, yet the logs from previous elections are still available. By federal election law, all election records, logs and other materials are to be kept for a minimum of 22 months. With problems like this, it demands an investigation to determine what went wrong and to find ways to correct the problems. We demand that our elections be as free from fraud and manipulation as possible, and that the process is transparent and above board. Anyone who disagrees with that is either complicit in cheating the elections or mentally deficient.

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