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Obama’s Secret Stay Behind Army!
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Dec 23, 2020 08:33:39   #
Bebida wrote:
I think his Kenyan Grandmother is still alive. I won't swear to it but I have never heard that she died. I heard while he was POTUS that His American Grandmother in Hawaii had died!! I think she may have been his Great Grandmother . I don't remember him ever mentioning his Mother's Parents in Kansas!!
Also there used to be a big Billboard at the entrance to their City in Kenya, that said Barack Obama Son of Barack Obama SR was President of the United States, and that Billboard was taken DOWN when all of the scandals came up,that he was involved in!!
I think his Kenyan Grandmother is still alive. I w... (show quote)

The mother-in-law, of Barack in Hawaii died 2 days after his visit when he launched for a presidential campaign in 2008.

His real grandma in Kenya was reportedly dead. His brother is still alive. Obama had visited his relatives in Kenya for a re-union.

Dec 23, 2020 09:02:45   #
Bebida Loc: Michigan
lindajoy wrote:
I saw where you said Merry Christmas to me and now can’t find it to wish you the very best Merry Christmas, along with a happy and healthy and safe New Year..
I am honored to know you and humbled by you as well. You have some of the most astute posts I have read, always informative and always something to learn. I also find you to be an exceptional individual full of love. Thank you for just simply being you and for being in my life as well. Love you...

BEAUTIFUL!! Merry Christmas!!!

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