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Biden Intends to Open Our Borders to unlimited illegal and legal immigration - WARNING !
Oct 29, 2020 17:05:50   #
Sicilianthing Loc: Earth
The Conspiracy to Transform, Replace and Erase America’s Heritage is proven !!!

Do your part and send this to everyone you know, Wake Everyone UP

Any officials past or present aiding n abetting in the stealth encroachment invasion/demographic transformation of America is guilty of Treason - KNOW THIS !


A Letter to Time Magazine Editors

Have you noticed that Joe Biden intends to open our borders to unlimited illegal and legal immigration?
Have you noticed what’s happening to our country, its quality of life, our culture, our cities and our language? Have you noticed what’s happening to our children rioting and the rule of law?
Have you noticed the latest lootings and riots in Philadelphia?........
by Frosty Wooldridge.

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