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SKI Season Update: The Ski Industry Hired Americans, America Doesn't need to Import seasonal workers !
Oct 29, 2020 16:58:39   #
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The ski industry had fewer foreign workers this year . . . so they hired Americans!
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With visas restricted, Colorado ski biz proves:
America doesn't need to import so many seasonal workers
Resort owners are pleased to find resort jobs are jobs Americans WILL gladly take!

Help NumbersUSA continue our work in exposing their agenda.

Dear American Patriot,

Earlier this month, a federal judge in California issued a preliminary injunction against the common-sense restrictions Pres. Trump placed on issuing certain temporary work visas.

Due to pandemic-caused high U.S. unemployment, H-1B, L-1, H-2B and J-1 temporary work visas had all been cut back a few months ago.

But this judge agreed with organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers that business owners could be irreparably harmed by being denied their usual supply of foreign workers while their lawsuit against the Trump administration worked its way through the courts.

FORTUNATELY, the judge's injunction was mostly too late for Colorado ski resorts to bring in more temporary foreign workers.

Instead, as NumbersUSA has always predicted would be the result when the foreign labor supply is shut off, resourceful businesses found they didn't need to hire foreign workers in the first place!

Ryan Huff told the Denver Post, "We had to make plans months ago...
We had to amp up looking in the resort communities [for local workers], and we are really pleased with the applicants." Huff is the director of communications for Vail Resorts, which runs 37 ski resorts, including the largest in Colorado. Their advance sales are up eighteen percent this year.

The Post's article was headlined, "Ski areas were expecting it to be incredibly hard to find workers this year. It's been the exact opposite."

Help us convince Washington: American jobs for American workers!

The idea that American businesses have no choice but to import unskilled laborers is ridiculous and always has been. The foreign workers were only hired because they would work cheaper and with fewer job protections than U.S. workers.

At NumbersUSA, we've always said there are PLENTY of U.S. workers to do most any job -- if they are not undercut by cheap foreign workers. Adrian, you suspected it too, right?

Industry scumbag lobbyists have misled members of Congress from both parties that resorts and other seasonal workplaces would COLLAPSE without a constant and growing foreign workforce.
This year in particular, these arguments have been proven to be false.

Whatever the outcome of the election, it's the job of NumbersUSA members and staff to show Congress that the American people are SICK AND TIRED of being left out of job opportunities that are instead handed to foreign workers.

The new Congress might well try to INCREASE temporary work visas instead of cutting them.
Well, NumbersUSA has proven time after time that we can stop bad bills from becoming law.
But to do this, we have to work together.

Patriot, we need your support now if we are to be ready for the struggles that may lie ahead.
Quite frankly, we cannot win our battles without more member’s help.

Whatever the courts decide about various executive orders in Colorado and across the nation, the only permanent relief American workers will ever enjoy must come from Congress.

Only Congress can make E-Verify mandatory for all U.S. businesses.
Only Congress can finally ban Sanctuary Cities.
Only Congress can adequately fund border security.

We urgently need your help TODAY.
Immediately, on Election Night, politicians will start thinking about the results.
Whoever wins, we need them to understand that they have to make the lives of their constituents better.

Please take actions today.

Keep the faith and don't ever give up!

Jim Robb
VP Operations
Go to and take actions !
P. S. Want to send me your feedback? I'm glad to hear from you at

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