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China's policies post Biden Presidency.
Oct 29, 2020 16:28:40   #
RT friend Loc: Kangaroo valley NSW Australia
China inherited the hot seat abandoned by the Soviets, Trump turned the tide of history and bucked the system, although it was bipartisan, Obama's pivot to the Pacific spelled it out, everyone knew the NSA was behind Trump's transition except Scott Morrison the Australian PM, China's not about to be onboard with Biden so why is the Security Establishment screwing Trump ?.

Just to make one reason here on OPP which is the bedrock of all my political calculations, has been prior to the dispicable act of 18 th. May 2011, Strauss-Khan managing director of the IMF since 2007 assaulted the hotel maid, Strauss-Khan was on the way to be the France President with many enemies just like Donald Trump.

His absurdity was beyond unnatural it was unreal, as well as that it was the result of telepathic mind control, DSK professor of economics also politician served as Minister of Industry and Trade and later Minister of Finance and Minister of Industry , after which DSK went to Academia until 2007.

Prior to joining the IMF in 2007 Dominique Strauss-Khan unsuccessfully sought nomination as Candidate the Socialist Party, however French President Nicholas Sarkozy through the Bilderberg Group Conference gave DSK his position as IMF managing director that was 2010.

This is where DSK and Donald Trump's paths meet, both men refused to co-operate with their handlers, both men went their own way, and after November I'll probably be able to write on OPP both men were shafted by their Security Apparatus it's tentacles extending from the Freemason Masonic Lodge that took control of the Holy Ghost and use it continually as a mind control mechanism for nefarious purposes, the fact that DSK was Socialist and Trump is Conservative means nothing.

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