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hamas calls for day of rage
Jul 25, 2014 19:00:14   #
semper-fi Loc: Corrupticut
Liberty Counsel Action

Today at 5:55 PM

From the Desk of:
Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action


Today, as the Sabbath begins in Israel, there will be no peace. Instead, Hamas is calling for a "day of rage" against Israel and soliciting additional fighters from other parts of the world for the annihilation of the Jews.

The Islamic thrust in the Middle East has the region teetering on all-out war. Where is our Campaigner-in-Chief?

Please see my important update below — Mat.


Hamas leadership once again rejected Secretary of State John Kerry' s proposal for a cease fire. Rather, they issued a worldwide call for radical Islamists to join in Hamas' terror against Israel.

According to The Washington Times, an intercepted transmission from Islamic cleric Abu Hareth Al-Maqdisi, said he and his fighters in Syria want to join the battle in Gaza.

“'True, we are fighting in Syria, but our heart yearns to arrive and fight the sons and brothers of the apes and pigs [the Jews].' The jihadi cleric said Gazans must be patient and wait for either victory or martyrdom, and that Allah will soon send 'extraordinary soldiers who will fight and defeat the Jews.'"

Now, Israelis are again on high alert as a new battlefront developed on the West Bank. Thousands of Israeli security forces are staged in and around Jerusalem, as the violence expands beyond the conflict in Gaza.

Sky News is reporting...

"More than 800 Palestinians have been killed in 17 days of fighting in Gaza, according to health officials. More than 140,000 people have fled the conflict. Some 32 Israeli soldiers have also been killed, and three civilians have died in Israel from rocket fire."

+ + Obama fiddles while Israel burns.

Where in the world is our own Commander-In-Chief?

As I'm sure you know by now, the Obama administration is ignoring, which constitutes breaking U.S. law by funding the Palestinian Authority, which is now linked to Hamas, a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization.

We are aiding and abetting the enemies of Israel which is now evident to everyone except the Obama administration.

+ + We are calling on Congress to immediately defund the Palestinians. No more aid from taxpayers' money!

Martin, we need a proactive representative body acting on behalf of the people they were elected to serve – and standing steadfastly with our allies in the Middle East.

We were scheduled to deliver our “Defund the Palestinian Authority" petitions to Congress today, but I have instructed my staff to delay the delivery while we amass more names over the weekend and deliver the petitions midday Monday.

In preparation for this petition delivery, I am also asking every one of our pro-Israel friends to barrage the offices of key congressional leaders all weekend with our “Defund the Palestinian Authority" faxes – once, twice, three times, whatever you can possibly do.

Click here to send your immediate faxes to Congress:

Defund button

This is a life- and-death time for the nation of Israel – and I believe we must do everything in our power to ensure that they know Americans are standing with them.

We are demanding that the United States Congress cease all funding of the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, and any other para-government or terrorist body whose stated intentions are to destroy the “Little Satan" (Israel) and the “Big Satan (US!).

Defund button

We must do everything possible to stop empowering Israel's enemies with hundreds of millions of dollars of “aid" money.

Click here now to help support our “Defund the Palestinian Authority" petition delivery by faxing key elected leaders:

Defund button

God bless you for standing with Israel!

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. The enemies of Israel are emboldened by the Obama administrations' incoherent foreign policies, which have consistently placed the Jewish state in greater peril.

That's why we must take our own decisive action by defunding the P.A. and Hamas and thus supporting our friends in Israel.

Click here to send an immediate fax barrage to Members of Congress:

Defund button

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Jul 26, 2014 01:49:12   #
UncleJesse Loc: Hazzard Co, GA
No matter what the House does, the Senate will support the Obama waiver to fund Palestinians. It seems like there is nothing the House can do.

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Jul 26, 2014 06:36:41   #
Obama is the enemy. His name alone implies a Muslim heritage. He even embraced the Muslims who came to the Whitehouse to desecrate it. Shame on us for standing by. I don't understand why Boehner doesn't do anything for us, and insist on impeachment and arrest for treason. Obama belongs in prison.

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