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NBC ‘Celebrates America’ By Hailing Black Lives Matter Activist
Jul 2, 2020 11:39:27   #
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NBC ‘Celebrates America’ By Hailing Black Lives Matter Activist
Kyle Drennen (The Media Research Center) ~ July 1, 2020
Apparently, NBC’s idea of patriotism is cheering on a radical Marxist organization determined on bringing about “revolution” across the United States. On Tuesday, that’s how the Today show chose to prepare for the upcoming July 4th holiday, by celebrating Black Lives Matter Pittsburgh founder Tanisha Long as a “hometown hero fighting for social justice.”

After welcoming Long on the broadcast as a “rising star in Pittsburgh,” co-host Craig Melvin made it clear he was on board with her group’s far-left agenda to remake American society: “Tanisha Long has been an advocate for the black community in Pittsburgh for more than a decade. A hometown hero fighting for social justice and better education in her home state.”

Melvin marveled over Long becoming part of the extreme group: “After the death of George Floyd, Tanisha took charge of her local social justice movement...creating BLM Pittsburgh in June, a group that’s now more than 6,000 strong.” To do his part in advancing the radicals, he proclaimed: “A sign, Tanisha says, that the Burgh is ready to take on racial injustice and help inspire real revolutionary change.”

But while the leftist media cheer on Black Lives Matter protesters marching in the streets, tearing down statues, and even sparking violence, what reporters don’t want people to know is that the group was founded by self-avowed “Marxists” who demand “revolution” and seek to unmake American society. People need to hear the truth about Black Lives Matter, unlike the compliant press that push its extreme views.

• Black Lives Matter was founded in 2013 by “three radical Black organizers.” One of those co-founders, Patrisse Cullors, revealed in a 2015 interview that she and her comrades were “trained Marxists.”
• Cullors was mentored for years by Eric Mann, a member of the far-left domestic terrorist organization Weather Underground. She also has named wanted cop-killer Assata Shakur (Real name: Joanne Chesimard) as a “leader” that “inspires” her.
• On its website, under “What We Believe,” Black Lives Matter proclaims: “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.”
• In a video entitled “Now, We Transform,” the BLM website hails the radical movement as “a watershed moment that has brought the world to its knees.” The page further asserts: “This is the revolution.”
• Fundraising for Black Lives Matter has been conducted by the left-wing group Thousand Currents, which has a convicted terrorist on its board of directors.
• The president of Greater New York Black Lives Matter, Hawk Newsome, has warned that “if this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.”

This is the extremism at the heart of the Black Lives Matter movement. The fact that the media actively support the group and refuse to tell the public the truth about its radical beliefs only proves that many in the press are eager for a far-left “revolution” to upend the entire American way of life.

But back to the report…as the taped portion of the segment ended, Melvin applauded: “Some people talk, some people do. Tanisha Long is a doer.”

He then fretted over people challenging Black Lives Matter: “Sometimes when folks here ‘black lives matter,’ the response is “all lives matter.” What’s your response to that?” Long lectured viewers about such dissent:

“If it makes it a little bit more palatable for them, just think of it as ‘black lives matter, too.’ Until black lives matter to everyone, all lives can’t matter. And if you can watch videos of black men and women in positions where they’re being murdered or persecuted and you’re still uncomfortable saying ‘all lives matter,’ then you’re really not understanding the point. So, think of it as ‘black lives matter, too,’ if it makes it easier for you. But we have to say it.”

As the nation prepares to celebrate its independence, NBC is preparing for a new “revolution” that seeks to discard America’s founding principles and replace them with the arbitrary whims of the left-wing mob.

This Black Lives Matter propaganda was brought to viewers by Value City Furniture (company contact info is linked, let them know what you think of them sponsoring such content).

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