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Drive In Movies
Mar 22, 2020 06:17:30   #
American Vet
From Governor Huckabee: And here’s something I’ll bet you never thought you’d hear, and it would be great news under happier circumstances: Drive-in movies are suddenly the hottest entertainment venue in America. The icons of the 1950s have nearly been driven to extinction by suburban sprawl, but the ones that remain are suddenly the only place in the nation where families can get out of the house and see a movie on a big screen. Some report that attendance has leaped by 40%. To help combat the coronavirus, they’re instituting new safety measures, such as limiting lines at the concession stands.

Let’s hope that once the current pandemic passes, people will have rediscovered the fun of a Friday or Saturday night at the drive-in and keep coming back. In the meantime, if you’re going to be spending that much time in your car, here are some tips on how to disinfect its interior to make sure there are no viruses lurking on your steering wheel, dashboard or door handles. Sorry, if you’ve been to the drive-in, tips on getting mustard and nacho cheese out of the seats are not included.

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Mar 23, 2020 15:27:06   #
Mike Easterday
At least one tradition is coming back.

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