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The mystery of Biblical names the meanings of Moses, Samuel and Jesus.
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The mystery of Biblical names
Learn Biblical Hebrew online
What does Moses mean?

The name Moses is pronounced Moshe in the original Hebrew and comes from the verb mashah (משה) meaning “to draw up.” According to Exodus 2:10, this name was given to the baby boy by Pharaoh’s daughter after she “drew him out” of the Nile, saving his life. Fittingly, Moses would go on to devote his entire life to “drawing” the nation of Israel out of slavery and through the wilderness.

The Definition of Samuel

The name of the prophet Samuel is pronounced Shmuel in the original Hebrew. This comes from two words: sha’al “ask” and El “God.” This name was chosen by his mother Hannah who prayed to God after many years of barrenness. Finally, her prayers were answered and she aptly chose the name, “I asked God for him” (1 Sam. 1:20). As a prophet, Samuel devoted his life to “making requests” of God, on behalf of the people.

Discover the truth behind biblical names

The name Jesus comes from the Hebrew form of the name Joshua: Yehoshua. This name is comprised of two parts, yeho or YHWH (the holiest name of the Lord) and yesha “to save.” It is highly appropriate that the Savior’s name means, “the Lord has saved.” Continue your quest for Biblical truth in our live online courses and discover the authentic Hebrew background to some of the famous Biblical personages you know and love.

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Mr. Rogers
Is Jesus is the eternal God in human flesh?

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