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Romans 9
Oct 19, 2019 03:17:07   #
Romans chapter 9

Verse 1 - 3

If Paul could have chosen to trade his own soul in hell for his Israelite brothers to be saved, he would have gladly done it.The problem is they trusted in their own righteousness.

Verse 4 and 5

Read Romans 3:1 and 2. Paul uses Jews and Israelites equally.

Verse 6 - 11

There is a reason that the Sanhedrin was so cruel Read the 35th chapter of Jeremiah/

Verse 12 - 14

Read Malachi 1:3

Verse 15 - 18

God is in control.He has every right to tell you how to live the life He gave you.

Verse 19 - 24

Why would God find fault? How can you talk to God like that? God is God. He is going to judge all of us.It was always God’s intention to save all; the descendants of the sixth day creation and the descendants of the man formed after God rested.

Verse 25 and 26

Look in Hosea 1:10.

Verse 27 - 29

Look in Isaiah 10:22 and 23 and 1:9.

Verse 30 - 33

Look in Isaiah 28:16. Obedience to the law would make life better here. But it will not save you.

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