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Understanding the Politics of America's Political Right
Ukraine & Joseph Biden
Sep 23, 2019 17:41:34   #
crazylibertarian Loc: Florida by way of New York & Rhode Island
Ukraine & Joseph Biden

I just received this. I recall some of the events but not others.
Roderick T. Beaman

Unless you've been living under a rock in outback Australia, you've seen Joe Biden openly boasting on video that he blackmailed the former Ukraine leader to fire a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating corruption that included Hunter Biden as a target when Hunter was on the board of a Ukrainian gas company. The prosecutor was in fact removed from his position as a direct result -- all proudly admitted by Joe Biden!

Now in that case, it's all right there on videotape and it is a clear confession on Joe Biden's part that he did it, and what he did was clearly illegal under federal law. Biden actually threatened the Ukraine leader that he alone would halt a U.S. taxpayer loan to Ukraine if that prosecutor was not removed immediately.

The moment President Trump made a call to the newly elected Ukraine leader, asking him to look into that corrupt act, among other issues I'm sure, the Deep State operators still haunting our intelligence community claimed a whistleblower had information gleaned from that conversation that suggested President Trump had done exactly what Biden had done, only in this case Trump allegedly threatened the newly elected Ukraine leader with, "something", to encourage that leader to reopen the investigation into Hunter Biden.

Now, Hunter Biden is not running for political office, but the Liberals are suggesting this request for a Ukraine corruption investigation into Hunter Biden is somehow an attempt to interfere with Joe Biden's campaign to be appointed as the Democratic challenger to Trump. That's like telling a cop he can't arrest or even investigate any relative of anybody running for public office for a crime until the election is over.

All of America knows what Biden did, because it's all right there on tape. What we don't know is why Hunter Biden got $3 million dollars from Ukraine, or even more intriguing, on what basis did Hunter Biden receive $1.5 billion dollars from China? For doing what, exactly?

The stench from that whole affair has finally reached the nostrils of God, and the Democrats have made a monumental blunder by trying to attack Trump over that telephone conversation -- which nobody in the media or the Congress has actually heard or seen transcribed. But we do know what Biden did, because he openly and proudly boasted about it on tape!

This whole affair is now front and center in the media, and the public is now taking a renewed hard look at the Biden actions over anything the Democrats are trying to portray about Trump because we have solid proof of Biden's actions. All we have is the word of the Democrats that Trump did something illegal, and we all know by now that the Democrats lie and accuse Trump of doing exactly what they did!

The only people who worked with Russia to try to influence our political election in 2016 was Hillary Clinton and the DNC when they hired Fusion GPS to come up with the so-called and completely debunked Trump Dossier that was used as a basis to get surveillance warrants from the FISA court to spy on Trump associates connected to Trump's campaign. Fusion GPS in fact used Russian intelligence operatives' information in that phony Trump Dossier.

So here again we see the Democrats falsely accusing Trump of exactly what they did! We're seeing enough of a pattern here to suggest we take a very close look at anything the Democrats accuse others of, because chances are they did exactly the same thing!

But all the Democrats have accomplished is to ensure a thorough investigation into Joe Biden and his son's activities in Ukraine and China! They have literally shot themselves in the foot!

How can anybody be that stupid? Well, let me remind you that God promised he would give these evildoers over to reprobate minds in the Latter Days, and it appears he's done just that. They cannot think logically or wisely, and I believe that is entirely God's intent.

Make no mistake about it: God is protecting President Trump, which means every effort the Democrats make against him will fail.

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