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Who Says the Pro-Choicers Aren't Caring?
Sep 14, 2019 15:40:04   #
crazylibertarian Loc: Florida by way of NYC & Rhode Island
Who Says the Pro-Choicers Aren't Caring?

I was going to quit OPP but Wednesday, I received the following text with some grisly pictures. Never wanting to miss a chance to rub pro-choicers faces in the handy work of abortionists, I decided to return to post this. Unfortunately, I can't transmit the pictures with my computer system.

How many of you will actually have the stomach to follow the link and how many of OPP's pro-choicers will accept that they're complicit in this?

The article start with a picture of an aborted fetus in someone's hand

Guest Post by Paul Joseph Watson
An eyewitness nurse revealed how a hospital in Illinois has a “comfort room” in which aborted babies who survive for hours outside the womb are left to die.
Jill Stanek told a hearing on the Born Alive Act in Washington, D.C. that doctors at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn perform “live birth abortions” where the baby is allowed to die during or after the abortion procedure.
The hospital provides “comfort care” for the babies for hours after the procedure by wrapping the infant in a blanket and keeping it warm until it dies. Parents of the baby are also allowed to hold it during this time.
“If staff did not have the time or desire to hold the baby, she was taken to Christ Hospital’s Comfort Room, which was complete with a First Photo machine if parents wanted professional pictures of their aborted baby, baptismal supplies, gowns and certificates, foot printing equipment and baby bracelets for mementos, and a rocking chair,” Stanek said.

This next picture shows a scale and a trash bag, ostensibly with fetal remains.

She also revealed how once she witnessed a nurse deliver a live baby but then fail to clamp the severed umbilical cord, causing the baby to begin bleeding. The infant was then placed in a bag and thrown in the trash.
Stanek also related how she held a 22 week old down syndrome baby for the last 45 minutes of his life because his parents did not want to hold him.
“Toward the end, he was so quiet I could not tell if he was still alive,” Stanek said. “I held him up to the light to see through his chest wall whether his heart was still beating. After he was pronounced dead, I folded his little arms across his chest, wrapped him in a tiny shroud and carried him to the hospital morgue where all of our dead patients are taken.”
Stanek subsequently quit her job at the hospital.

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