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Whoa, Reports Coming Through That Bolton's Disagreement Was Over Trump Trying To Work With Iran
Sep 12, 2019 12:56:46   #
I could actually say Trump is on the right track with this thing that is reported to be a French and UN deal with Iran to get them back to nuclear oversight. Iran has had financially crippling worldwide sanctions, and they are apparently willing to discuss going back to where negotiations were before Trump ripped the deal up...

Any deal that limits them and allows for oversight is better than no deal...Period

Trump being open to actions supported by NATO is a huge step for him as a president and diplomat.

Bolton apparently was adamantly opposed to a deal with Iran, and resigned the next day. This would fit with his obsessively hawkish position on Iran, it was apparent from the day Trump appointed him that he advocated attacking Iran as he has for a long time.

Disable your ad blocker and this is more detailed Than the KOS blog

This is actually a condensed version of what was in the other one, with minimal slurs on Trump

It will be interesting to see how minds that side with Trump go here given that Trump might be looking at thing the right will knee jerk oppose. My take is that Trump will float these ideas and his base will freak about "giving Iran $15 Billion", "going back to the horrible Obama deal", or generally conceding anything.

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