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Illegal who killed Mollie Tibbetts could go free.
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Aug 15, 2019 04:02:44   #
JoyV wrote:
You've left out some important details. Most especially that he had been released from custody in CA before he could be picked up by ICE to be deported for the 4th time. That after he "accidentally" shot Steinle twice with a gun stolen out of a cop car; he went to trial in CA and was again released!!!! The judged acted like the killer was the victim.

His story was he saw a cloth bundle on the pier and when he picked it up and opened it he saw a gun. The gun scared him (although his crimes included gun crimes) so much he dropped it. It went off twice. The CA court accepted this and he was found not guilty.
You've left out some important details. Most espe... (show quote)

On top of all that, it was an agents gun.
Smells fishy.

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Aug 15, 2019 23:56:22   #
Carol Kelly
steve66613 wrote:
Well, unfortunately, everyone in this country has constitutional rights.....citizens and non-citizens alike. On the other hand, all must abide by the same laws, as well. Therefore, I’d say.......epsteinicide the b@stard!!


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