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Soldiers Speak About Bowe Bergdahl: “All I know is that our orders were kill on contact…”
Jun 3, 2014 05:11:15   #
A new Facebook page sprang up a little over 24 hours ago called Bowe Bergdahl is a Traitor. This is a page where the soldiers are speaking about their experiences. Most of them are doing so anonymously so it is impossible to vet any of the stories, but the reports seem consistent. It is understandable that our finest would wish to remain anonymous as they may be divulging sensitive information, in some cases, and some are still on active duty.

Here some of the more interesting status updates that I have found thus far, beginning with the status that features the quote in the article title. Before you proceed please understand that there is some profanity. Also I have quoted the longer statuses below so that you do not have to go to Facebook to read them (for our readers who do not use Facebook):
read teweets here:

I wonder if this guy will ever be released.

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