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CA Dry Stream Beds
Jun 3, 2014 03:35:43   #
AuntiE Loc: 46th Least Free State
Absolutely no surprise here.

California marijuana producers are sucking the rivers dry, and polluting run-off water in their effort to produce the perfect weed. Given that the state is grappling with extreme drought conditions, some officials are sincerely concerned about the marijuana industry’s impact on farmers. Everyone else is too high to care. (The AP)

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Jun 3, 2014 08:10:38   #
the waker Loc: 11th freest nation
What water isn't used in growing dope in southern CA is sent to mexico and water from the north mountains is released into the ocean to help shad fish. Just wait till these new EPA LAWS into effect. They didn't just eliminate the coal industry they're laying claim to all streams,creeks, and rivers so I truly hope you don't live near one. Soon enough gov. Agencies will control all water sources ( agenda 21), and CA WILL HAVE TO KEEP PAYING MORE,MORE,MORE. Enjoy your freedom while you still have it.

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