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Sacrificing America...
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May 14, 2019 16:58:08   #
Don G. Dinsdale
Sacrificing America

From: John Porter
To: Americans everywhere
May 13, 2019

Please do yourself, your friends, and the nation a favor and forward this piece by Kathleen Dynan to all. I've heard of "hitting the nail on the head." This my friends drive the nail straight through the board!!!
Congressional Democrats Are Sacrificing America to Secure Power

One way to define a country is by its borders. Forty-eight of America’s fifty states are contiguous with four distinct borders intended to control who enters, who leaves and to prevent crime and chaos. Another way to define a country is its governmental structure. The United States of America is a Representative Republic. Citizens participate in elections on federal, state and local levels to decide who will represent them in decision-making. The Constitution of the United States of America written by our Founding Fathers makes us a republic. It is the body of law that governs America. It is unique and powerful because it includes guaranteed rights for citizens. Our Constitution created three branches of government. The Congress is charged with writing bills that promote the safety of our country and citizens and protect citizens’ rights. The Judicial branch is charged to ensure that bills that become laws are consistent with the tenets of our Constitution. The Executive branch is charged to see that laws are followed and that the citizens are safe and free to exercise their rights.

Democrats currently in Congress are not executing their duty to write bills. Why? They see protecting our borders as a political victory for President Trump. They are willing to hurt America through an invasion of illegals because their sole goal is to end his Presidency. Their continual attempts to meet this goal dominate their minds, emotions and time. Their paranoia builds as President Trump returns power to American citizens. By creating one of the strongest economies in our history and the lowest unemployment rates ever for all Americans, he is ending the power Democrats gained in the past by creating “victim groups”. These have included, women, minorities, LGBT individuals, the working class, etc. After convincing members of these groups that they are being mistreated, Democrats have sold the idea that they alone will provide solutions. But, they have solved nothing and now live in abject fear of not having power over us and our money.

Democrats are trying to punish individuals who refuse to break our laws. They subpoenaed the Presidents’ tax returns. Because the IRS denied their demands, Democrats want to file contempt charges against Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin who oversees the IRS. But, the IRS is following the law based on two Supreme Court decisions. In 1881, Kilbourn v. Thompson, the Court decided private financial matters may not be delved into without a proper legislative purpose. In 1957, Watkins v. US, the Court upheld that decision and also stated that Congress is not empowered to seek information to uncover or expose crimes. They want the Attorney General to ignore Federal Rule 6. It does not authorize the release of Federal grand jury information to other Federal Government agencies. Because he is following that law and not releasing such testimony included in the “Mueller Report”, they are trying to hold him in contempt of Congress. Why? After two years of depending on that Report to provide grounds for impeachment, it did not. It is obvious that these desperate Democrats are willing to sacrifice America to secure power. Vote them out in 2020. Vote in Republicans who will put America and Americans first, not securing political-party and personal power at our expense.

Kathleen Dynan

John Porter...118 Approach Drive...Harrison, Arkansas 72601

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May 14, 2019 17:52:07   #
okie don (a regular here)
Well stated.
They are demanding Barr do something illegal.
Wow How crazy!

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May 14, 2019 20:03:45   #
tbutkovich (a regular here)
The Democrats support lawlessness and the breakdown of our moral fiber. Anyone who supports the Democrat Party shares their hatred of the American people!

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