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Americans Suffer As Border Deniers Ignore The Problem
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Jan 17, 2019 06:40:21   #
ACP45 (a regular here)
Are you a border denier?

Freshman Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) has coined a new term that is pure rhetorical joy, which we plan to use at every opportunity going forward: Border deniers.

Just as Americans who doubt the junk science of global warming have been labeled “climate deniers” by Democrats and the liberal media, those who believe the United States does not have a right to have borders (or to defend them) should now be referred to as border deniers.

Crenshaw helpfully explained on Twitter the means by which we can all identify border deniers.

First, “The belief that physical barriers can simply be ‘climbed over’… just like that.”

Second, border deniers have a “belief that there’s ‘no real problem’ on the border because 400,000 illegals apprehended on the border per year is ‘insignificant.’”

Finally, border deniers hold the belief that “because you can’t put a wall everywhere (i.e., the Rio Grande), that you should, therefore, put a wall nowhere.”

That’s an apt definition, but we would add one additional descriptor:

Border deniers nonsensically believe that any crimes committed against Americans by legal or illegal immigrants are irrelevant because native-born Americans sometimes commit crimes too.

California police officer Ronil Singh’s murder at the hands of an illegal alien in December made national headlines, which is a good thing.

Unfortunately for Americans, coverage of Singh’s murder is the exception, rather than the rule. Americans are victimized by immigrants – legal and illegal – that no one currently living voted to allow into the country.

Consider the following cases which deserved to have every bit as much media coverage as Officer Singh’s death.

In Mecklenberg County, NC, 17-year-old Mexican national Sergio Coello-Perez was in custody for allegedly murdering American Nicholas Border in a carjacking last summer. We say that Coello-Perez was in custody because a new Sheriff was elected in Mecklenberg County.

Upon taking office three weeks, newly-elected Sheriff Garry McFadden announced that Mecklenberg County is now a “sanctuary” county and that law enforcement would no longer honor federal ICE detainers for illegal alien criminals.

Coello-Perez was sprung from jail. Not to worry, though. The accused murderer Coello-Perez signed a written promise that he’ll show up for his murder trial.

In Knoxville, TN, 44-year-old Franco Cambrany Francisco-Eduardo swerved into oncoming traffic – while drunk, according to police – and killed 22-year-old Pierce Corcoran.

Mr. Corcoran is the son of a Knoxville Fire Captain, a graduate of a private Christian school and has worked at FedEx for the past five years.

His promising future was cut short by a person who should never have been allowed in the country to begin with. Knoxville is not a sanctuary city, and the cops have turned Francisco-Eduardo over to ICE.

In Wilkes-Barre, PA, 36-year-old Nelson Hernandez Rivera was just sentenced to 38 years in prison for repeatedly stabbing a woman in the face and chest.

His victim is only alive today because a security guard shot Rivera during the attack to stop him. Rivera has been previously deported back to his home country of Dominican Republic, and police say he used numerous stolen American Social Security numbers to avoid detection in the US.

In Calexico, CA, Border Patrol agents picked up Guatemalan national Hector Rene Portillo a few days ago. After determining that Portillo was an illegal alien, the Border Patrol ran a background check on him.

It turns out that Portillo had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for sexually assaulting a child in Texas. Portillo will first go through a federal trial for illegally entering the country, before his extradition to Texas for trial on child rape charges.

In Providence, RI, police arrested 29-year-old Pofinima Mabuo Gweama, Jr. for allegedly shooting David Long to death. Long was a passenger in a car, and police believe Gweama shot him during a robbery.

Gweama is a Liberian refugee, meaning he was brought to America at least 15 years ago during the Second Liberian Civil War. While Liberia is still a poor and struggling country, the war there has been over since 2003 and the country is relatively stable.

But US policy is apparently to never send refugees back to their home country when the danger they fled subsides. Gweama has obviously never assimilated to American culture and now an American is dead at his hands.

Border deniers want to pretend that crimes like these don’t happen, or that they’re irrelevant because Americans sometimes commit crimes as well.

The point that they’re missing is that the crimes of illegal aliens, legal immigrants and refugees would have been 100% preventable if the criminals were never allowed into America to begin with.

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