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Check out the Rocky Mountians. A natural barrier from the Artic to Pikes Peak. 14,439feet tall.
Jan 16, 2019 04:48:22   #
Weasel Loc: In the Great State Of Indiana!!
This mountain range is a barrier that holds back most major storms, and keeps our Mid-West safe all the way to Boston Massachusetts.
But once in a great while, a storm so big that it gathers enough strength to overcome this natural barrier and wreaks Havoc across the United States.
That Storm System is happening now!
With winds of 100 miles per hour this storm is bearing down on the United States
Prepare yourselves for record breaking amounts of rain and snow in the next 5 days!
This storm has already set it sites on the Ohio Valley
Take Heed People, you have been warned
Remember the 1994 Snow Storm!
25 years ago today

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