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I'm new and couldn't resist
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Jan 11, 2019 07:00:17   #
no propaganda please wrote:
He is certainly getting old, but seems to still be quite lucid, which is more than I could say for Bernie or Hillary. Hillary is dangerous, Bernie is just useless. Really can't think of anyone who I believe would make an excellent president, but I do want someone who is a Constitutionalist, not anyone who honestly believes that the Constitution should be rewritten or that all American citizens have a right to good housing, a college education, and a paycheck even if they do not work. I do believe in private charities, churches and civic organizations to help out when people need it, but do not want the federal government to babysit people who can work and choose not to.
AND I WANT THE WALL BUILT. plus selective integration of those people who want to become Americans, not bring their foreign culture here and demand that we accept it and change our laws and customs to embrace other cultures.

He is certainly getting old, but seems to still be... (show quote)

I am sure that you express the opinion of many contributors to the site. Thank you.

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Jan 11, 2019 09:25:48   #
Old and wise! Not younger and ignorant!! Reagan was old too but better than most! I love me some trump! Maga!!!!!

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Jan 11, 2019 18:34:56   #
son of witless
Klee wrote:
Thanks. I think I can handle myself, Hahahaha like I said, I'm a tough old bird, been around the block a few times. I'm a democrat but in center and lean right. I dislike and like both sides. I don't like Bernie, I don't want socialism and I didn't like Hillary. So! But I also don't like tRump. I guess I don't like anyone. Lololo we shall see.

At some point you will have to decide which side you are on. Pick one and enjoy the attacks. You will learn more from your enemies than from your friends. When you are forced to defend your posts and your viewpoint, the truth will become clear.

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