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The Darkest Hour? Not By A Long Way!
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Jan 15, 2018 14:28:32   #
Larry the Legend
According to an opinion piece in The Washington Post, "Trump has ushered in America’s darkest hour".

According to 'The Post's' Richard Cohen, President Trump is a grand failure. Yes, really. If that isn't bad enough, he hearkens back to another great (British) leader with this little gem: "To fully understand how grandly Trump has failed as president, it is useful to see the thrilling new film about Winston Churchill, “Darkest Hour”." Apparently, there is no American President with the greatness factor of Sir Winston Churchill. I would beg to differ but that's for another day.

He sums up his contempt for our American President thus: "President Trump, a mess of a man but brimming with self-regard, probably already sees himself up there with Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Lincoln. It won’t happen. Instead, he’d be lucky if he can get his face on a mug in the gift shop". No indication of how many mugs Mr. Cohen's 'mug' is on, or which gift shop it might be found in.

The Daily Bell's Joe Jarvis must have seen that Cohen submission, because he also wrote an opinion piece referencing 'America's Darkest Hour', but from something of a different perspective.

Mr. Jarvis takes a more rational approach: "I’m not a big Trump fan. I wasn’t a big Obama fan either. But their presence in office did not and does not hang over my life like a dark cloud. They really aren’t that important".

He goes on to concede the obvious: "Yes, they have the ability to make life more difficult for many. It is unfortunate that any politicians have that much control over our day to day lives". Unfortunate, yeah. I can think of a few words a little stronger than 'unfortunate', like 'outrageous', or 'tyrannical' but OK, unfortunate.

Here's the lead-in: "But the darkest time in American history?" Now there's a man who has actually spent a couple of minutes to consider how bad it has been at various (dark) times in the past and compare that to where we are today. He then goes on to list a few of America's 'dark times' and point out that all the media hype over the Trump Presidency is just that, hype. "Anyone who thinks Trump’s Presidency is the darkest time in American history is a poor student of American history. And I must assume their lives are pretty amazing if this is the worst they have ever felt".

"Have a little perspective".

"Yes, it is hard to keep Trump off your mind with the 24-hour reality-tv coverage. So turn off your tv, and go for a walk".

Excellent advice.
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