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We The People and California Sheriffs?
Sep 3, 2017 17:00:54   #
We The People and California Sheriffs,

This is based on 'The Republic of North America,' and not promoting the bankrupt UNITED STATES since 1933, that we are to have in place at this time, and for you employees of the UNITED STATES, INC. or USA, INC. are to now comply with or have actions to be taken against you by 'ALL Keepers of the Royal Assets,' as this is information for you We The People of America are to take your own proper actions to comply.

This is information that has been provided by:

Rauthschild, Chua & Associates, LTD
1701 Pennsylvanian Avenue, Suite 400, Washington DC 20004, Phone 01.202.417.8328


20 August 2017
From the Desk of: H.E. HRH Royal Prime Minister Ernest Rauthschild

The United States of North America, The Republic of North America

And: Chairman of the Royal Imperial Federal Reserve System

Re: ICJ/ICC Asset Settlements

To ALL Keepers of The Royal Assets
Please read Notice...

You can listen to it from Gary Larrabee as well:
From Desk of Royal Prime Ministeer Ernest Rauthchild: To Keepers of Royal Assets: 20 August 2017
Published on Aug 28, 2017

'INTELLIGENCE RULES THE WORLD, IGNORANCE BEARS THE BURDEN! Mr. Rauthschild's site is managed by staff members.

Rauthschild is an Aniyvwiya Aboriginal of North America and International Businessman representing his RNA/DNA Bloodline 13 Royal Dragon Families Asia Asset Nations, which control the world economy and banks.

He's the Trustee for The Rauthschild's Family Trust; and Senior Administrative Trustee and Senior Accounts Manager for Five Star Trust.

As Director of Rauthschild, Chua & Associate, LLC, he works in concert with Central Banks, European Bank & Bank International Settlements, et. al..'

This also mentions on page 2 of 'forces attacking ancient Royal Assets in both Syria and Iraq' thus that is why the NWO Cabal is trying to seize control of those nations.

The top paragraph of page 4 is important of Debts to be cleared:

'Accordingly, this shall serve as a legal notice to All Keepers, that the Royal Families directed that all asset settlements shall be processed and sanctioned by the Royal Imperial Sovereign International Court of Justice (ICJ), Royal Imperial International Criminal Court (ICC), The Royal Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Royal Sovereign Government of The United States of North America - The Republic of North America.'

As you can see on page 4 there is the United States Military Flag with only 48 states, thus Alaska and Hawaii are NOT included in the "Restored" Republic by Ernest Rauthschild, as the 48th state was Arizona in 1912 prior to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

So for all those Sheriffs and present government officials should comply with clearing the Debt of We The People to force the bankers to accept the personal Promissory Note per House Joint Resolution 192 of JUNE 5, 1933 and NO more People are to have foreclosures or loss of property for any non-payment as Fraud has been implemented by the corporation governments and bankers since 1933.

Thus if any People are considered a 'person' with their name in ALL Capital Letters and criminally prosecuted by the BAR Association without being informed of the real truth that they are a Living Being then Fraud has been committed by the government officials.

Any actions taken against any We The People of America for informing others of this 'The Republic of North America' Notice can be criminally charged as this is a world wide Notice and not a local threat.

Without Prejudice


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